Pogba Hopes City Slipped, Key Players Injured

Pogba Hopes City Slipped, Key Players Injured

With the appearance as now, it is undeniable Manchester City will be difficult to stop Judi bola. Paul Pogba hopes City slipped and his players were injured.

The Citizens are unbeaten in 14 Premier League games with 13 wins. As a result, City firmly topped the standings with 40 points, five ahead of Pogba Manchester United team. The distance of both teams will re-grow to eight points if the City can beat West Ham tonight (3/12/2017).

In the course of the victory, City have finished their immediate rivals such as shaving Liverpool 5-0, winning lightly at defending champions Chelsea 1-0, and last beating Arsenal 3-1.

In addition, City so far is also able to win the game in difficult situations though. Not a few who put Josep Guardiola’s forces in pole position in the title competition.

On the other hand, MU is indeed improved performance than last season. However, the Red Devils are not as tough as City, which is shown from the statistics less okay against its direct rivals.

“I hope so,” Pogba replied when asked if he hoped City slipped. “One day I hope they will slip, I hope … it’s ugly to say like this but fortunately for us, I hope they will get their very important players injured as happened with us.”

“Because people do not see this, do not talk about it, but every time we have – like – injured players, important players, they are injured when faced with important games,” said the midfielder MU in his interview with Football Focus, which was launched by ESPNFC.

“So if it starts happening with them too, there might be a bit of a difference, you know? A little … how do I say it? A little touch that makes them weaken.”

Premier League title competition will take place more exciting next week following MU duel contra City at Old Trafford (10/12). However, losses for MU because Pogba certainly absent due to a red card he got in a 3-1 victory at home to Arsenal.

4 Most Juventus Players in the Champions League

4 Most Juventus Players in the Champions League

Italian giants, Juventus only drew 1-1 against Sporting CP host on Wednesday (1/11/2017) early morning hrs Agensbobet99.net. I Bianconeri still have to wait to qualify for the next round.

The hosts went ahead through Bruno Cesar’s goal in the 20th minute. Juventus had difficulty penetrating the Sporting CP defense. Until finally, Gonzalo Higuain scored the equalizer in the 79th minute. With the results of this series, I Bianconeri failed to lock a ticket to the round of 16 large.

Juventus remain second in Group D with four points, three points adrift of Barcelona at the top, and three ahead of Sporting in third. The lady must be able to beat Barcelona to ensure themselves qualify for the next round.

For the players, this match will increase their flying hours in the Champions League. A number of Juventus players are known to have often appeared in the most prestigious competition in Europe, both with Juventus uniform, and while still with his old club.

Of the 23 players in the squad, Liputan6.com summarizes the four most-featured Juventus players in the Champions League. Here’s more information.

Gianluigi Buffon

Veteran goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon has been recorded appearing 112 times in the Champions League throughout his career. Six of them while still playing for Parma in the 1997/1998 season, and the rest with Juventus. The amount does not include the matches that he lakoni in the qualifying round.

Of all the seasons he had lived, Buffon played the most in the 2002/2003 season. At that time he appeared in 15 games, to penetrate the final. Unfortunately, Juventus lost 2-0 on penalties from AC Milan in the final. Buffon failed to dispel Andriy Shevchenko’s kick, Milan’s last executioner at the time.

On both occasions through the final party, namely in the 2014/2015 season, Buffon also performed a lot. Noted he was revealed in 13 games, including in the final against Barcelona at Cardiff Millennium Stadium.

Last season, on the third occasion won the trophy, Buffon appeared 12 times.

This season, being touted as his last season before retirement, Buffon also remains irreplaceable in the Champions League.

Gonzalo Higuain

Gonzalo Higuain deserves to be respected. Although this season’s performance is somewhat declining than ever before, the experience that he has is proof of his expertise. Except for Buffon, no other Juventus player whose flying hours in the Champions League go beyond Higuain. Pipita – Higuain greeting – recorded already diving 68 games in the age of 29 years.

Of all the performances, Higuain most featured while still with Real Madrid, which is 48 games in seven seasons, namely 2006/2007 to 2012/2013. Together with Napoli, Argentina striker was only five times appear, namely in the 2013/2014 season.

Together with Juventus, since joining the summer of last year, Higuain has appeared 16 times, including four times this season.

However, the number of Higuain’s performance is not directly proportional to his goal incision. He is not very productive in the Champions League, especially when with Real Madrid. He was drowned because there is Cristiano Ronaldo.

So far, he has just scored 19 goals, with details 9 for Madrid, 4 for Napoli, and 6 for Juventus.

Sami Khedira

Another Real Madrid alumnus, Sami Khedira, is also one of the most experienced Juventus players to play in the Champions League. Since playing for VFB Stuttagart, Germany’s national team midfielder has appeared 62 times. The details, 11 times with Stuttgart in two seasons, 33 times with Real Madrid in six seasons, and 17 times with Juventus in three seasons (including this season is still running).

With his experience, Khedira would always be relied upon by coach Massimiliano Allegri in the Champions League, although many new players are coming. His experience also makes him able to play calmly even when facing a heavy opponent or when in a depressed situation.

As a newcomer to Juventus, Khedira’s experience is still superior to some of the other players such as Mario Mandzukic and Blaise Matuidi, who have each performed 48 times in the Champions League.

Giorgio Chiellini

Not to forget the newly recruited players in recent years, Chiellini has also swallowed a lot of salt in the Champions League. Together with Buffon, 33-year-old defender includes players who have tasted bitter defeat in the final (2014/2015, and 2016/2017). He was only not involved when I Bianconeri lost 2-3 on penalty shootout by AC Milan in the 2002/2003 season finals, because that time has not joined.

Chiellini also felt the experience of relegation to Serie B due to the case of calciopoli that befell Juventus in 2006. While other stars chose to leave, he remained faithful with La Vecchia Signora.

Since joining Juventus in 2005, Chiellini has already appeared in 60 parties in the Champions League. He recorded the most performances in the 2014/2015 season, where Juventus then qualify for the final, before finally beaten Barcelona 3-1 in Cardiff.

Arsenal midfielder closed Door Make MU

Arsenal midfielder closed Door Make MU

Mesut Ozil insists he is still faithful to defend Arsenal. This German midfielder admitted to be fully committed to the club nicknamed the London Cannon.

“I am happy here and I always do my job 100 percent, I give everything for this team,” Ozil said as reported by Sports Mole.

Ozil previously reported going to leave from Arsenal to Manchester United. He did not want to extend the contract with Arsenal that will expire the end of the season.

In addition, disappointment is also the background of the reason Ozil leave. Reportedly, he was disappointed with Arsenal who did not bring many star players in the transfer market earlier this season.

The management of Arsenal itself has stated will keep Ozil as strong as possible. Arsenal’s majority shareholder Stan Kroenke says he will keep Ozil as well as Alexis Sanchez.

Regarding this, Ozil said he was happy. “It’s fun to hear it, he’s the majority shareholder, playing games and 100 percent commitment is important to me, whatever happens, we’ll see,” Ozil concluded.

Herrie Setiawan Asks Persib Players Rise

Herrie Setiawan Asks Persib Players Rise

Assistant coach Persib Bandung, Herrie Setiawan hope his troops remain optimistic and full of confidence to face the rest of the competition 1st League 2017. The defeat of Persela Lamongan and series of draws should be a whip to rise melakoni League 1 until the end of the season.

“We have to be optimistic in the next game, we are preparing for Mitra Kukar which will be a hassle too and we can not relax because whoever the opponent we are facing is different motivation,” said Herrie at Persib Mes, Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bandung, Tuesday (24/10 / 2017).

Herrie asks foster children to play maximal until the end of League 1 2017. “For the rest of the four games we have to win all the time.Insha Allah all players still have a sense of optimism,” said the coach who is familiarly called Jose.

Persib stay leaving four matches against Mitra Kukar, Persija Jakarta, Perseru Serui, and Borneo FC. Coming before opponents Mitra Kukar, Michael Essien and his friends continue to be encouraged to negative trends during this stalled.

Alluded to the front line Maung Bandung is now in the spotlight, Jose was reluctant to respond too. However, he did not dismiss that during this quite difficult to score goals. “We are again difficult to score, but the game is good, just not lucky,” said Jose.

To face Mitra Kukar later, Jose admits he will most likely change the game scheme. “It also depends on the readiness of players as well, which clearly Persib must take points and do not want to survive in the 12th rank, let alone sag again,” said Jose.

English Premier League It’s Ever A Street Crime

English Premier League It’s Ever A Street Crime

He is the most expensive player in the history of West Ham United A55bet.com. Marko Arnautovic was brought from Stoke City last summer for a fee of 20 million euros.

Five appearances in the Premier League, unfortunately Arnautovic has not scored at all for the Hammers. Conditions that have not fit plus the process of adaptation with new clubs become the reason that dikemukanan.

Apart from that, Arnautovic recently in an interview revealed his dark days while pioneering a career as a professional footballer. He claims he used to be a villain in Vienna. Various crimes ever committed former Inter Milan players.

Starting from stealing, robbing and engaging street fights. If not for the determination of pursuing a dream in football, Arnautovic might have ended up behind bars now, like some of his best friends.

“If I continue my lifestyle in my youth, maybe I’m not here, I’m not a gangster, but two friends end up in jail,” Arnautovic said.

The wild soul of Arnautovic is difficult to control from the beginning. Despite having chosen the way of life as a footballer, he still often do mischief. Arnautovic himself claimed to often quarrel with the coach.

“I have always been against the coach by saying ‘You are not my father, so normal talk to me’ .That I want, the coach simply says, ‘just play and give me victory’,” he said quoted by The Sun.

Chiellini: Not Just A Defender’s Responsibility

Chiellini: Not Just A Defender’s Responsibility

Giorgio Chiellini declared all Juventus members responsible for multiple goals.

The Bianconeri are known for their formidable defense over the past few seasons, but so far they have conceded 13 goals in 11 games.

“We are all in charge, when we did not break out, I was the first to say it was not for me, or the defenders,” Chiellini said.

“The defensive mode is about the team, otherwise it would be so easy if we play an individual sport, like tennis.

“This is a team game, so balance is paramount. Juve certainly had to tighten up the defense, and we were all aware of it.

“Bonucci? He is calm, hard to change reality and we all give him the spirit because our relationship is very good.

“He can go back to the level he used to feel at Juve, he will always get support from us.”

Riedle Acknowledge The Spurs Of This Season

Riedle Acknowledge The Spurs Of This Season

Karl-Heinz Riedle feel confident if Tottenham Hotspur is now one of the best strengths in Europe.

The reason, ex club Riedle, Borussia Dortmund, lost the Spurs in the Champions League opener with a score of 1-3.

And Dortmund themselves can return to winning track with APOEL this week, but Riedle believes if Dortmund should not slumped in European competition this season.

“Okay, this season they recorded a good start in the Bundesliga, like the time we played first, but there is a problem in the Champions League,” he told local media.

“If you attend two teams of class, Tottenham is now one of the best teams in Europe, so you can lose there. That is not good, but you can lose. So it is with Real Madrid. You have to be really focused. “

Ex Player MU: Anfield Will Be Hell for Red Devils

Ex Player MU: Anfield Will Be Hell for Red Devils

Manchester United asked to be wary of Liverpool this weekend. If not, Anfield would be a hell for the Red Devils.

Liverpool match counter MU at Anfield on Saturday (14/10/2017) tonight tomorrow, will heat up the English League after the international break. This duel will be important for both teams, especially Liverpool to be less left behind in the hunt for the title.

But seeing the current conditions, clearly more favored MU to win than Liverpool who still stumbling. Manchester United are currently on board with 21 points together with Manchester City at the top, but lost on goal difference.

In addition to tough on the back line with only conceded two goals, Manchester United also has a sharp front line with a notch 21 goals. While Liverpool is not only fragile in the back line with conceded 12 goals, but also still difficult to make a goal by just making 13 goals.

However, because playing at Anfield and Liverpool supported full of supporters, then MU can not underestimate it. Even the Red Devils could be bothered by the terror of the audience there.

“You are in hell, you will get an unpleasant reception there and of course you will feel hatred,” said former Manchester United defender Mikel Silvestre.

“The atmosphere is unfriendly and it’s a wonderful opportunity to see how you react to this difficulty.This is a fun place to win,” continued the player who contributed five Premier League titles and a Champions League title with United.

The good thing for MU is they have never lost to Liverpool since last ditumbangkan 0-3 at Old Trafford in march 2014. In the process towards this duel, Manchester United won four times and only draw twice from the last six meetings in the league.

Overmars So Staff Arsene Wenger

Overmars So Staff Arsene Wenger

Arsenal, reported to have agreed to the agreement with Marc Overmars for the long term where to help Arsene Wenger handle the team A66bet.com.

The decision was taken, because the legend of the Gunners is considered to lift the performance of teams that are currently ups and downs in recent seasons.

The overmars themselves are still contracted to become Ajax Amsterdam technical director but the strong signal will return to North London more real, and previous experience coaching youth teams are also expected to help develop football care of young team players promoted this summer into the main squad .

While the Dutch man’s achievement is to give two trophies in the 1997-1997 competition that is Premier League and also FA Cup.

PREDICTION Italy vs Macedonia: Gli Azzurri Keep Keeping Asa

PREDICTION Italy vs Macedonia: Gli Azzurri Keep Keeping Asa

Italy will host Macedonia at Stadio Olimpico Turin on Saturday (7/10) early morning hrs. This game is crucial to how Italy qualify for Russia next year.

Behind three points from Spain with two games left, making the opportunity Gli Azzuri to pass directly to Russia is very heavy. Italy can use another way through the play-off line, the condition they have to secure the second position standings and that they can be sure if successful win over Macedonia.

On the other hand Macedonia has nothing to do in qualifying this time. Goran Pandev et al only fulfills the obligation to complete all the matches in qualifying as they have certainly not qualified for next year’s World Cup.

Italy Key Player vs. Macedonia

Ciro Immobile

27-year striker was on fire with Lazio in the 2017-18 season. So far Immobile able to create 13 goals and four assists only from 10 games in all competitions with Lazio.

The absence of Andrea Belotti will also make Immobile a much-needed role in the match against Macedonia later.

Goran Pandev

Pandev can be called one of the most successful players in the history of Macedonian football. The player who is now 34-year-old had even won a treble winner while still strengthening Inter.

In addition to treble with the Nerazzurri, Pandev also had time to strengthen other Serie A big clubs ranging from Lazio to Napoli. Now Pandev is still listed as a player Genoa. Although already in old age and not as fast as before, the role of Pandev as a young player guidance is still needed Macedonia.

Players Prediction Prediction

Italy XI: Buffon, Zappacosta, Bonucci, Barzagli, Darmian, Candreva, Verratti, Insigne, Immobile, Montolivo, Bernardeschi.

Macedonia XI: Dimitrievski, Ristevski, Muslu, Alioski, Pandev, Bardhi, Ristovski, Velkovksi, Nikolov, Spirovski, Netrovoski.

Prediction Score Italy vs Macedonia

Italy suffered enough trouble at a visit to Skopje in the first match of both teams last year. At that time, Gian Piero Gasperini’s side had to struggle before securing a 3-2 win.

Facing the game later, Italy is in crisis condition. Some important players ranging from Daniele De Rossi, Andrea Conti, to Andrea Conti can not be played because of injury.

Although with a squad that looks ragged, Italy is predicted to remain victorious in the game later in a way that is not easy. 2-0 victory could disegal Italy in the game later.